Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Festooning Myself to Two Cinema Club

My friend Eddie gave me a new album to listen to by Two Cinema Club, called Tourist History, which I absolutely love. So, this morning, I sat on my living room floor with my coffee, and made myself some rings. I always wanted to be one of those "artsy" women who wear lots of rings at the same time, and while I may not wear all of these at the same time on the same hand, I'm pleased with how they came out. So, I'm sharing both my favorite song on the album, along with a picture of my pretty rings.

*Note- there is no weird brown dot on my black ring, I think that is a reflection of my phone camera, and also- I think my hand looks weird, but who cares- age spots, wrinkles- bring it on.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

White Trash T-Shirt

I finally made a shredded shirt that I can actually wear. So what if I look like white trash? 'Scuse the weird look on my face- my daughter didn't warn me that she was taking the picture RIGHT NOW.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tiny Little Ankle Bracelet

Sarah is always interested in anything crafty. She has been asking for an ankle bracelet, since I made my own. This morning, I taught her how to put a bead on a headpin and wrap it to make a loop. She made one of the black dangly beads on this ankle bracelet. She and I have sculpted mini things from polymer clay, done poke hole art, made jewelry, drawn together- she is up for anything. She is in love with ankle bracelet, and couldn't wait to get an outfit on to show it off.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shredded Shirt

Lately, I have been obsessed by shredding t-shirts. Believe me, I have destroyed quite a few of them trying to figure out this process. However, I finally think I may have finally gotten one right! It's not in shreds, it is sort of crocheted. The proof that it's "cool" is that Em actually wants to wear this to school--with a tank underneath, of course. Next, I may try one corset style for me!

Friday, June 3, 2011

YES! I Can Feel Summer Coming On!

My children are playing, the windows are open, the house is clean, and dammit, I can feel summer coming on. I look forward to summer. Each one, since I've been divorced, has been a new adventure. My first summer about 3 (maybe 4?) years ago, was one where I lost about 90 pounds (sadly, some have been regained) and I rediscovered what it was like to feel "girly" again. Last summer, I spent time refinishing my basement, which has been an absolute bonus in my life.

I look forward to finding out what this summer holds. It's always an amazement to me what kinds of things unfold when I stick to my "YES" principal. It's a simple principal, really. If someone asks me to do something, I say yes, even if I am tired, PMS, overwhelmed, etc. Even if I would rather curl up under the covers. I have found that my "YES" principal has allowed me to have a lot more fun.

So, this is the summer for "YES."