Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bruises and Copper

(Left leg attacked by the window well in a lawn mower accident and dropped an entertainment center on my right leg......klutzy-supreme.)

I helped my cousin April move over the weekend, during which I added to the horrific amount of bruises on my legs. And so, today I am taking some time to recover by sitting still, coating my bruises in Arnica cream and I used up some copper wire I had given to me, and some I bought to craft a jewelry set for my friend Julie. The necklace and bracelet both are made of blue, green and white glass beads that look like sea glass. I used a larger wire to craft the blue bead ring to match. Then, I used up some thin copper wire to learn how to make a filigreed ring. At first I hated it, but now it's growing on me. I might try this again. I hope for speedy healing. My legs look like I've been in a car accident!


  1. Holy crap! That bruise is horrible. LOVE LOVE LOVING the necklace, rings, and bracelet. You are such a talented crafty person:)


  2. Love the rings. The bruises, not so much. : ( Rest easy!

  3. So when is the class? Would love to learn some of this stuff.....or maybe just buy it. :) Hope your summer is treating you well otherwise......heal up!