Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Post

This is my first personal blog, and I'm not even sure where to begin. It seems I am entering a new chapter in life, or life is "unfolding" as it were, and so I have decided to throw it all on a blog, rather than allow it roll around in my head. I have had gigantic changes in my life, all in the space of a few months, and so this blog is going to become the external hard drive of my mind, in order to save space for some of the bigger thoughts, such as "what will life hold next?"

It seems I am continuing to develop and change, and as part of this, I am going to begin by "playing" with my clothing, partly because it truly delights my friend, Julie, and I could use some delight in my life. Quite often, I run around in my typical "uniform" of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, so I am interested in the process of shopping my closet.

Part 1 is to put my closet in order, so that Julie can come over and go through it and show me what to wear. Becoming stylish in a way that suits me is part of the change that I have decided to go through, in order to discover who, and what I am all about.

What on earth can be made of the clothes in this closet?

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  1. YEAH! I am so EXCITED!!! This is going to be great! Great beginning for your book ideas:)