Monday, May 9, 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun-----Here It Comes

I cannot believe how much the sun has made an impact on my mood! I have to remember this during the dark days of winter, and maybe invest in one of those special sun lamps. As I was thinking about this, I was noticing sun motifs around me. I have a sun tattooed on my back, it's my badge of honor, and based on a telling dream I had a few years ago. I love to lay out in the sun for hours, and I have a large book wreath (made of old book pages) in the shape of a sun hanging in my dining area.

I have a small silver sun 3D sculpture hanging in my kitchen and a large iron sun decorative wall hanging outside my house by the pool. Maybe subconsciously, this is the theme I am looking for. A new day, a new SUNNY day.

I am going to continue to add suns to my home (and my body?). The sun idea makes me want to think about painting my kitchen some sort of sunny, golden color. The color it is now- a horrible olive green. I need more sunshine in my life, and I like to keep busy. I'll have to look for a kitchen color now that makes me smile.

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