Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 30: I DID IT

Well, I am finishing up my 30 day challenge with a set of embellished bobby pins, which I am IN LOVE WITH.  Glue.  I love to glue stuff to other stuff.  Anyway, this challenge taught me that I could do something for 30 days.  I'm thinking about doing a 30 day fitness challenge.  Scary!  But, I think that I can do it, now that I've made something every day.  Being creative with my body may be a little bit more challenging, but I think I'd like to try before the weather gets warm and I have to unveil it to the world!

So here are the beauties of the day.  Thanks for hanging in there with me while I figure out this blogging stuff.  Hmmm...after I post these, what will I do next??????

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