Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7: Heavy Metal

I don't know what I was thinking today.  Everything I touched turned to ugly!  I tried to recreate these silver seashells with a seashell of my own and some silver glittery nailpolish.  Yeah, not so good.  Then, I pulled out my silver metallic crochet thread and crocheted around a bangle, to which my oldest daughter said, "Mom, that's bad."  And not in a BAAAAD way, as in Michael Jackson Bad- as in bad- period.  I looked to my pinterest board for inspiration and found some silver filagree earrings I liked and I had all the stuff in gold, so TA-DA.  These earrings were born.  From silver to gold.
The cool metallic seashells I was trying to copy.

Silver glitter nailpolish + shells = U.G.L.Y.

The failed silver bangle attempt.

The adorable earrings from My Girlish Whims (tutorial, for those interested!).

My supplies:  filigree balls, headpins, and chain

My golden version came out not so bad!

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