Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 5: Revamped Earrings- From Old to New Again!

The "before" shot- EWWWW!

When I started out making jewelry last Aug, my mom was into it too.  We collected a lot of junk jewelry, and luckily for me- she quit.  Now she knits for our shop, but I was lucky enough to be the receiver of all her leftover jewelry makings.  Today, I walked into my craft room and randomly started opening up her stuff and came across these- YIKES!  These very overdone copper earrings with dark blue stones and stuffed with light blue plastic gems.  On posts, people.  These are horrid, and I decided to redo them with a Sharpie, black glass beads and new French hooks.  Hoooooray!  Much sexier!  And now, for sale!

I cut everything off, and colored the stones
with black sharpie- looking good so far!

The finished product- hot stuff!


  1. Wow, that's very cool Staci, I like the new earrings!

  2. i found you on blog hop. you are so talanted :) i love to meet creative people :)

    start follow your blog now